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Dignity          -$100 a month will help us build a society where everyone can work and live with Dignity!! 
Empower      -$75 a month will help us empower workers and their families to fight for economic justice. 
Community  -$50 a month help us build vibrant and engaged communities the people will feel proud to live in. 
Organize      -$25 a month will help us develop an organization of leaders that can organize a new economy.
Work             -$10 a month will help us promote a culture that values work.
Democracy  -$5 a month, because every little bit helps and even small contributions deserve to be allowed to participate.

How to Donate
Donations can be made by:
Clicking on the Donate Monthly button which will take you to our fundraising page, then click on the donate button on the right, which will prompt you to choose a donation amount. Make sure you check the "Donate Monthly" checkbox and proceed to choose an amount and complete the transaction.
By google wallet to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Sending a check to our address made out to the Foundation for Economic Democracy or
Requesting, filling out, signing and mailing us a FED ACH Authorization form
(this allows us to set up monthly contributions where we can keep 100% of the donation. You will receive a monthly reminder and can cancel
anytime with 2 weeks notification)
Our address is: 2752 E 1st Street. #3 Long Beach CA 90803